Season 3 builds upon the lessons and successes of Seasons 1 & 2 in using entertainment-education for a transmedia initiative. The broad objective is to improve knowledge and initiate change in regressive social norms by promoting local solutions. Season 3 will address women’s rights, promote sexual and reproductive health, especially among the youth, and address socio-cultural barriers to safe sanitation and hygiene practices.

Season 3 Episode 45

Season 3 Episode 44

Munna and Buaji invite Condom Baba to Pratap Vaani. He reveals that he is actually a doctor by profession and has become a Baba only to educate people about the benefits of using a condom.

Season 3, Episode 43

Condom Baba visits Baba Pehelwan and suggests him to sell condoms to his followers. Dr. Jain praises Dr. Sneha and asks her to take full responsibility of Maanavta Clinic.

Season 3, Episode 42

Munna and Babloo expose a doctor at Sudha clinic who is involved in a sex determination racket. Panna explains the ill effects of not using a condom.

Season 3, Episode 41

Dr. Sneha updates Mr. Bhandari about her daughter’s condition. Panna aka Asha Didi explains the importance of Oral Contraceptive Pills and the myths related to it.

Season 3, Episode 40

Dr. Sneha operates on a girl named Meena who had an unsafe abortion at Sudha clinic. Will she succeed in saving her life?

Season 3, Episode 39

Panna is introduced as the Asha Didi of Pratappur. She brings with her a #MastPitara which has various contraceptive options. Panna explains the importance of condoms to listeners.

Season 3, Episode 38

Dr. Sneha and her team help Pawan and enlighten his friends about respecting others. Dr. Sneha and Arjun sort out the difference between them. Arjun decides to support Sneha in her endeavor.